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Lobster Pie Made in Maine

All across the United States, in every small town and major city, there is a restaurant that serves seafood of varying degrees of quality. What set’s one restaurant apart from another is the quality of the food they serve, and when you have one that opts to serve Maine Lobster, then it’s usually at the top of the restaurant food chain.

Lobster Pie Lobster Pie Made in Maine

Maine lobster has a very distinct flavor that is simply hard to beat, and is world renowned for its large claws which are just bursting with delicious white meat. While soft shell lobsters tend to not travel well, the hard shelled Maine lobster can be shipped across the country with good success.That means that people from all over the USA can get to savor the delicious seafood treat at their local eatery, but why depend on them to get your fix?

While most people are happy to pay exorbitant prices for Maine lobster at their favorite restaurant, which isn’t really surprising given the quality of the meat, they are actually missing out on a way to pay a lot less and still enjoy the best tasting lobster in the world. Thanks to the internet, there are now numerous companies that take those big beauties straight from the traps and ship them to your front door, all at a fraction of the cost of what you’d expect to see on a restaurant menu.

Perhaps the best of those websites is run by a company called, who, for more than a decade, has supplied some of the biggest, juiciest Maine lobsters to satisfied customers all over the country. That means that you can get your hands on a fantastic meal anytime you feel the urge for great seafood, but what do you do if you want to make the experience last for more than one night? LobsterAnywhere has you covered there too, by providing the lobster meat that you love, served in a fantastic lobster pie.

The Lobster Pies are made in Maine and contain huge chunks of that sweet tasting Maine lobster, creamy butter, a unique lobster sherry cream sauce, all of which is topped with Ritz cracker crumbs to make one delicious tasting pie. Each pie is a whopping 12oz, with almost half of that weight made up of lobster meat, and are perfect for a single serving. They are shipped fresh-frozen, and all that is required is a quick defrost and a pop in the oven, which will give off a cooking scent that will leave you drooling.

Only the finest chunks of Maine lobster meat are used in the pies, so that means that quantities may be very limited. Your best bet is to load up on as many as you can, so that you never have to worry about being disappointed come ordering time. Lobster pies are a great way to get your taste of Maine lobster without ever having to leave your home, or pay through the nose at your local restaurant, so get your claws on some now. Take a peak at these Maine made lobster pies here.

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In a Pinch for a Wedding or Anniversary Gift? Catch a Lobster Dinner

Wedding plans have changed and unusual gifts for the wedding party are popular. Depending on the theme, the bride and groom may prefer the weather in the fall or early winter for weddings in New England. It is a wonderful time of year with cooler weather and bright leafy colors, or the first snow. For unique  weddings that require unique gifts for the wedding party, recommends that you send a lobster dinner or a gift certificate to family or friends who help and support the happy couple and make the wedding a memorable occasion.

At, romantic lobster dinners are one of our specialties. We also suggest giving gift certificates and allowing family or friends of the wedding party to decide for themselves by choosing the elegant gourmet seafood package they prefer. Make the gift giving a breeze by selecting gourmet gifts from seafood lobster gift packages that include free overnight delivery and a “How to Cook Lobster” manual.

At, seafood gift certificates are available in dollar amount denominations, or as a seafood dinner package. Purchase a gift certificate for any amount and allow the recipient to select the seafood they love from our vast online menu. offers over a dozen special lobster dinner gifts. Here are some favorites seafood dinners:
Lobster Dinner Two1 150x150 In a Pinch for a Wedding or Anniversary Gift? Catch a Lobster DinnerRockport Romance for Two
A romantic dinner for two with 1 1/2 pound live Maine lobsters, award-winning New England clam chowder, and Harbor Sweets handmade chocolates.

Sweetheart Cove for TwoRomantic Lobster Diner 150x150 In a Pinch for a Wedding or Anniversary Gift? Catch a Lobster Dinner
Surprise your loved one with our hard-to-find jumbo cold water Lobster Tails. Begin the meal with New England clam chowder and complete it with a dessert of heart-shaped chocolate truffles.
Back BaSurf Turf Dinner 150x150 In a Pinch for a Wedding or Anniversary Gift? Catch a Lobster Dinnery Surf & Turf
Filet Mignon and Lobster Tails may be opposites, but they are a perfect pair. Begin the feast with our award-winning New England clam chowder.

Each lobster dinner certificate includes a full color photo and description of the dinner. The recipient can redeem a certificate online or by calling our 888.85.Maine anytime, day or night. Lobster gifts aren’t just for the beach or summer weather, they are appropriate for a wedding event at all times of year.

A review of web sites that relate to lobster and love leads us to believe that there is appeal in the image of a New England seacoast wedding. At, the company encourages couples to celebrate in their natural surroundings by the sea with fresh lobster that has been caught nearby. holds a discussion about preppy weddings with a lobster theme that fits right in with New England style.

In addition to the wedding party, there may be out of town family or friends who are traveling to the wedding and would appreciate a lobster package gift upon arrival. Or, just after the wedding (when the bride and groom have the munchies), send a lobster package to their hotel room with some chocolates.

Don’t forget wedding anniversaries. Nothing says “I love you” better than a special anniversary dinner for two. The most romantic dinner doesn’t have to be a dinner out, but can be enjoyed at home. Going out for a special anniversary diner is fun, but a crowded restaurant does not compare to a cozy dinner for two in your own surroundings, and there is no need to make reservations. Just provide the candlelight and music, and delivers a menu of delectable seafood right to your door.

Take a moment to review some testimonials:

I ordered the lobster tails, scallops and clams for our eighth anniversary. My husband has never eaten seafood from the East Coast, and was totally impressed with your company, from the delivery to the food. Thanks for being my East Coast connection.” Miriam

“I am writing to thank you for the outstanding quality of your both your lobsters and filet mignon. My father reports that the lobsters danced out of the box and were well over the advertised 1.5 lb. and the filet mignon was so extraordinary that he would love to know which supplier you use. The package had a lovely presentation complete with checkered red and white cloth napkins, lobster crackers, seafood forks, plastic bibs, etc., etc. Though not a part of the package, the owner even added two whoopee pies for dessert given the special occasion that was being celebrated. The attention to detail was refreshing and the dining experience incomparable. Thank you, on behalf of my parents, who insisted I tell you how pleased they were with their gift.” Best wishes, Valerie

Lobster Dinner Gift In a Pinch for a Wedding or Anniversary Gift? Catch a Lobster Dinner has been shipping New England’s finest live lobster, award winning chowder and gourmet seafood since 1999 to discerning customers across the United States. It’s lobster season all year long at, and we ship lobster directly from Maine. The company is known for lobster by the pound, frozen lobster tails, New England clam chowder and gourmet seafood. Try a lobster gift or a certificate when planning your wedding or anniversary and be prepared to receive an appreciative thank you from your family and friends.

Please let us know about your lobster wedding or anniversary gift experience by sending us a comment at

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