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Maine Lobster for Mother’s Day Dinner

Have you thought of Mom yet? Mother’s Day is the second Sunday in May. Will you take Mom to another over crowded Sunday brunch? Will you give her a pot of spring tulips?Will you pick up a box of those fancy  drug store chocolates? Not sure what to get Mom well then we have the answer! Get her a special Maine lobster dinner shipped to her door step.

The idea behind Mother’s Day has roots among the ancient Greeks, who kept a festival dedicated to Cybele, a great mother of gods.And ancient Romans honored their mothers on the feast day of Matronalia, dedicated to Juno, the goddess of childbirth. The predecessor to today’s holiday was created by English social activist Julia Ward Howe after the American Civil War, to unite mothers against war.

Whether she’s your mother, aunt, daughter, mother-in-law, or a special lady who’s treated you with a mother’s love, show her how truly special she is with a lobster dinner delivered right to her front door, courtesy of!

Lobster Anywhere has shipped luxurious lobster gifts to Mom’s in every to state in the USA and as far away as the North Pole, Alaska! Our live lobster gift packages come complete with steel crackers and forks wrapped in fine red and white checkered cotton napkins, step-by-step cooking instructions. And, of course, lobster bibs to undermine the dignity of the whole affair. Lobster Gifts are elegantly packaged with the look and feel of old New England and shipped direct to you overnight, so they’re as fresh as if you went to the pound yourself. Treating Mom to gourmet seafood fare like this just might secure your spot as “Family Favorite”!

And with the weather outside warming up, if there’s ever been a time for lobster on the grill, it’s now. We’re currently seeing some of the best lobsters of the season coming across our docks. Need some cooking inspiration? Try our recipe below for grilled lobster tails.

Easy Grilled Lobster Tails

6 cold-water lobster tails (6-7 ounces seach), fresh or frozen
1/4 cup butter melted
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon salt
more melted butter

Thaw frozen lobster tails. Cut in half lengthwise. Cut 6 pieces of heavy-duty aluminum foil, about 12 x 12 inches each. Please each lobster tail on foil. Combine butter, lemon juice and salt. Baste lobster meat with sauce. Bring the foil up over the lobster and close all edges with tight double folds. Make 6 packs. Place packages on a grill, shell side down, about 5 inches from hot coals. Cook for 8-10 minutes. Remove lobster tails from the foil. Place lobster tails on grill, flesh side down, and cook for 2-3 minutes. DO NOT over cook. Serve with fresh lemon and butter.

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Summertime Maine Lobster Tails

With the warm weather this Memorial Day weekend the boats are out hauling in lobsters for the summer season. For lobster lovers who do not want to handle live lobster, lobster tails are the right choice for you to throw a Memorial Day lobster party. Add a little zest to your summertime fun with this recipe for lobster tails with balsamic dressing.

Maine Tails Summertime Maine Lobster Tails Ingredients:
4 Lobster Tails from LobsterAnywhere!
Select 6-7 oz. lobster tails, 8-10 oz., 16-20 oz. tails
1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil
salt and pepper
1/2 tsp. cayenne
1/4 tsp dry mustard
1 tbsp chopped shallots
1 Tbsp. packed light brown sugar
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

Cut the bottom of the lobster tail shell with kitchen scissors, so they will lie flat. Put in shallow dish. Mix remaining ingredients together and pour over tails. Marinate for at least two hours in the refrigerator, turning a few times. Broil tails, basting with marinade, for 12-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can grill your lobster tails.

To learn more about our lobster tails, see our article Lobster Tails for any Season and our video for how to cook lobsters on the grill. LobsterAnywhere ships hand-selected, hard-shell Maine lobsters tails right to your doorstep.

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Maine Shore Lobster Dip

This  savory lobster dip is the perfect prelude to your Memorial Day cookout. Be sure to stock up on our exquisite lobster meat.

LobsterDIpXSmall Maine Shore Lobster Dip

8oz cream cheese
1 cup of fresh cooked lobster shredded in pieces
1 cup of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1/2 t garlic salt
1/2 t dill weed
1/2 t celery seed
1 cup catchup
1T horseradish
1T Dijon mustard
3T fresh lemon juice
1 t Tabasco sauce

Lobster Dip Recipe Instructions:
Soften cream cheese then put in garlic salt, dill weed, and celery seed, mix well in a medium bowl. Add cheddar cheese and lobster, mix and gently chill for an hour. In a small bowl add catsup, Dijon mustard, horse radish, lemon juice and tobacco sauce, mix well. Form cream cheese mixture into a ball and pour cocktail sauce mixture over top. This savory lobster spread goes best with traditional saltine crackers. It’s a nice balance of salt and savory. Serves up to ten.

If your lucky to have leftover lobster meat you can make an over-the-top lobster roll!

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Lobsters Have X-Ray Eyes!

Lobsters can see through your clothes? Not really. But lobsters do have special eyes that enable them to see in low light and murky waters 300 feet below the ocean surface. 

A lobster’s eye works on a principle of reflection rather than that of refraction like humans. The reflection is made possible by thousands of squares located in the lobster’s eyes, which are near the base of the antennae. These squares are the lobster’s optics. These well-arranged squares are in fact the ends of tiny square tubes that give the lobster a kind of “x-ray” vision.  The sides of each one of these square tubes are like mirrors that reflect the incoming light. They are composed of entirely of straight walls and right angles, as opposed to the human eye’s curved rods and cones.   This give the lobster an amazing 180° field of view.

xray 300x178 Lobsters Have X Ray Eyes!A lobster’s eye reflects the light beams, rather than by bending it through lenses found in human eyes. This reflected light sends all of the beams reflected by a particular object (like potential prey on the ocean floor) to the same focal point. Each eye, set on a movable stalk, has up to 10,000 facets that operate like many tiny eyes. The lobster probably doesn’t see images, but its eyes can detect motion in dim light. In bright light, a lobster is probably blind. The long antennae are used to feel the area around a lobster. The four small antennae on the front of their heads are used to “smell”  their food or chemicals in the water. The unique design of the lobster eye has been intensely studied to help researches develop X-ray scanners.

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Lobster Tails for Any Season

One of the most popular fresh seafood items on our online lobster store are Lobster Tails. And we ship a ton of lobster tails all year long to just about every part of the USA. Lobster lovers the world over will tell you the lobster tail is the biggest, meatiest part of the lobster. There are many different varieties of lobster tails depending on the species of lobster.

LOBSTER15r 336x280 300x250 Lobster Tails for Any SeasonMaine Lobster Tails
At Lobster Anywhere we only sell and ship Maine and Canadian lobster tails from the cold-waters of the North Atlantic ocean. Full of sweet, tender lobster meat, cold-water Maine lobster tails are the most coveted tails in the world. Cold water lobster is prized above all other species for its sweet, briny richness. Our tails are culled from only hard-shell lobsters–so you know you are getting your money’s worth. It is not enough to start with quality hard-shell lobsters, it also matters how the tails are processed. No additives are used, our lobster tails are first blast frozen then double glazed to lock in the lobster’s natural texture and sweet flavor. You’ll pay more for the Maine lobster tails, but you’ll see and taste the difference.

Rock Lobster Tails
Be on the lookout for imposters. Warm water tails will always be cheaper. They lack the quailty and superior taste of frozen lobster tails from Maine. You’ll find the warm-water tails at chain stores and the big catalog steak companies. Those big cruise lines also offer warm-water tails to their passengers to save money. Our customers tell us the tails  taste dried out  or rubbery. Spiny lobsters, also known as rock lobsters, are easily distinguished from Maine lobsters because it has no claws, has short spines along the length of the tail and body; and are marked by bright spots on its tail.  Spiny Lobsters that come from the southern waters and the western Atlantic, from Brazil, Belize, Columbia, Nicaragua and Honduras, are generally known as warm water lobsters. Spiny Lobster Tails are in fact the biggest food export of the Bahams! Spiny lobster tails caught off the coasts of South Africa, New Zealand and Australia are marketed as cold water lobster tails.

Frozen Lobster Tails Shipped Direct
You’ll find frozen lobster tails for any occasion and special preparation at
4tails 150x150 Lobster Tails for Any Season
Lobster Tails

Frozen Tails: We ship premium frozen lobster tails in the shell. We carry 6-7 oz tails, jumbo 8-10 oz. tails, extra-jumbo 12-14 oz. tails, and colossal 16-20 oz. tails. Tails are shipped frozen, raw in the shell and are ready for steaming or broiling. These cold-water beauties are known for their meatiness and sweet flavor. For a dramatic presentation, slit the shell to expose the lobster meat, then grill or broil…and savor!

BBQT1 150x150 Lobster Tails for Any Season

BBQ Lobster Tail

BBQ Lobster Tails: These special tails are 6-7 oz. each and are split, completely cleaned and ready to grill or bake. Tunnel freezing under a stream of super cooled gas instantly locks in full fresh flavor. A double glazing protects and preserves the meat!

SLTL.jpg 150x150 Lobster Tails for Any Season

Stuffed Lobster Tail

Baked Stuffed Lobster Tails: Our stuffed lobster tails are made by a local York lobsterman. Each 5 oz tail is stuffed with a rich lobster walnut crumb stuffing and brushed with lemon butter. Tails are vacuum packed and flash frozen. Just bake and serve.

Fresh Shucked Lobster Tails: Don’t need any lobster crackers with these tails since they are fresh shucked out of the shell and then blast frozen raw. Tails are sold by the pound and packed six 4-5 oz. tails per tray.

Test the waters with $8 off your first order! Enter (Luvtails) at online checkout.

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