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Labor Day Lobster Delivery

Labor Day is the last excuse for as summer soiree. Make it memorable with lobster from Maine. It does not take hard work to love lobster! For a sublime Labor Day cook-out or dinner party we suggest …

Lobster Tails: Don’t let the summer end without grilling lobster tails! We’ve got lobster tails hailing from the clean, cold waters of the North Atlantic. You can get tails ranging from 6-7 oz. each all the way up to  super-sized colossal tails (16-20 oz.) each. Wow! We also ship fresh tails shucked out of the shell–so no crackers needed!

Labor Day Lobster Dinner2 Labor Day Lobster Delivery

lobster roll polaroid Labor Day Lobster Delivery

This holiday weekend, skip the standard barbecue fare, and enjoy authentic lobster rolls with  friends and family. The Lobster Roll Kit includes two pounds of jumbo claw and knuckle meat, along with 8 authentic split-top rolls, and a box of Maine salt water taffy. Prep is a breeze and directions are included. Makes 6-8 overstuffed Lobster Rolls!

Surf Turf Labor Day Labor Day Lobster Delivery



For such a tiny island, Nantucket boasts some of the best seafood restaurants in the world. Relax, no need to take the ferry to the Island.

We present The Nantucket Getaway: This surf and turf dinner features: (4) 6-7 oz cold-water lobster tails,(2) All-Natural Filet Mignons  (8 oz. each);(2) All-Natural New York Strips (12 oz. each.)

Boston Party Package: Throw a Labor Day lobster bash with our complete lobster bakes for 4, 6, and 12 lobster lovers. Includes:1 1/4 lb. live lobster per person, New England Clam chowder, and a handy lobster tool kit (cracker, fork, bib, wet-nap, how-to-eat lobster placemat).

Party for Four:$189 Shipped Overnight
Party for Eight:$249 Shipped Overnight
Party for Twelve:$349 Shipped Overnight

Since 1999 has shipped live Maine lobsters, creamy clam chowder, sweet lobster tails, and other fixings coast-to-coast. Get cracking today.

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Maine Shrimp and Steak Kabob

Here is a summer time favorite: Shrimp and Steak Kabobs prepared on the grill!

Some people who are not grill savvy often do not know how to cook steak, nor do they know how to cook shrimp on the grill.

1/2 lb. fresh shrimp, peeled
1 lb. Beef Sirloin Steak, cut into 1 inch pieces
2 zucchinis, cut diagonally into 1 inch pieces
2 Ears of Corn, cut into 1-inch
2 small onions, cut into wedges
1 Green Bell pepper, chunked
cooked rice

Cook the steak on high heat just long enough to sear.  Then lower the heat and begin slow cooking the steak. When the steak becomes “rare,” you may begin assembling the Kabobs.  Alternate All ingredients on skewers and grill, or broil until meat reaches desired doneness. Turn kabobs often, brushing with Lemon basting sauce. Serve with rice.


If you are looking for the ultimate surf and turf combination we carry steaks that are a step above the ones you’ll find in catalog companies.


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How to Buy and Cook Mussels

Long a well kept secret of New England fisherman, the black mussel continues to gain popularity. Here are some tips on how to buy mussels, plus a classic recipe for fresh steamed mussels.

steamed mussels How to Buy and Cook Mussels

  • Mussels today are usually cultivated–they are much cleaner than wild mussels, and their “beards”  are much smaller.
  • Farm-raised mussels do not require purging to release sand. If desired, rinse them with cold water. Do not soak in water or they might die.
  •  Discard any mussels  with cracked or broken shells , or whose shells remain open.
  • Look for deep blue-black, tightly closed shells. If the shells are open, tap them; discard any mussels that don’t close.
  • Mussels  are live and need to breath, so  do not place them in air-tight plastic bags.
  • Mussels release quite a bit of liquid, which adds wonderful flavor to the broth.

Classic Steamed Mussels

4 pounds of fresh mussels
2 tablespoons olive oil
lemon juice
Garlic Clove
1/2 cup white wine
parsley sprigs

Cooking Mussels:
In a large pot , heat olive oil, add sliced onion and 3 to 5 cloves of chopped garlic cloves. Saute for 4-5 minutes, then add 1/2 cup of white wine, 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice, and a few parsley springs. Add the mussels and steam until they open, about 8-10 minutes, occasionally turn the mussels with a large spoon. Transfer the open mussels to a bowl. Strain cooking liquid over the mussels and serve with crusty bread. Try a Pinot Blanc or Muscadet to bring out the flavor.

Have fresh mussels shipped to your door, courtesy of Served in five-star restaurants around the world, mussels from the clean, cold waters of Prince Edward Island are acclaimed for their tender meat and incomparably rich flavor.

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Maine Lobster Bake on the Beach or at Home

A classic lobster bake prepared the old-fashioned way is steamed in seaweed and ocean water. Food writer, Craig Clairborne called the lobster bake “…the most colorful, joyous and festive of American feasts.” Lobster bakes are fun, memorable, and informal. It’s also a lot of work!

The tradition of the clambake goes way back to our Native Americans who taught the settlers the art of steaming fresh seafood on the shores of New England. The New England clambake is generally credited to the Wampanoag Indians, indigenous to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Wampanoag generally did not eat lobster, but used it as bait to catch local fish. Native oysters,  scallops, sea clams and locally cultivated corn and squash would all key ingredients to their clam bake.  A typical modern clambake  consists of lobster, clams, mussels, potatoes, and corn. Fish, sausage, chicken, are also commonly used by bakemasters.  Today this ancient cooking form is enjoyed wherever there is blue ocean, sandy beaches, and live Maine lobsters.

Lobster Bake Beach Maine Lobster Bake on the Beach or at Home

Traditional Clambake

The art of preparing a traditional pit-dug clam bake is still practiced by a few local bakemasters. It takes a lot of hard work and patience since it’s  a day long affair. If you own your own beach, or there are no local restrictions for open fires you are in luck. Clam bakes have become popular culinary experience because they feature seafood lovers favorite entrée–Maine lobster.

Clam Bake Ingredients

The main ingredients for a traditional clam bake, besides live Maine lobsters, include: fresh clams or mussels, corn in the husks, new potatoes, onions, and even sausages (such as kielbasa or chorizo). For the clam bake you will also need fire wood, smooth rocks, rockweed seaweed, a canvas, tarp or potato sacks to trap the steam.

STEP 1: Walk the beach in the early morning with friends and gather up some fresh seaweed, drift wood to build your fire, and rocks to line the bottom of your pit.

STEP 2: Dig your pit and line the bottom with large rocks. Top your rocks with your drift wood.

STEP 3: Build a fire on top of the stones. Tend to your fire until the rocks become red hot.  Make sure the stones are hot enough to glow or at least spit back ocean water.

STEP 4: Rake off  as much ash off the rocks as possible, and pile a layer of seaweed on the rocks.

STEP 5: Layer the rocks with potatoes, corn, onion, clams, and live lobsters. Top with more seaweed and cover with a tarp or a potato sack drenched in seawater.

STEP 6: Bake your seafood for at least two hours. A good sign the food is cooked to perfection is to check the potatoes first. If they are soft, your clam bake is done.

Gather with friends and family and dig in. Serve your steamed seafood and bright red lobsters with melted butter and fresh lemon wedges. Don’t forget the lobster crackers and seafood forks.

Clam Bake at Home

No beaches near you? No problem.  You can have a mini bake in your backyard on the grill. No fire permits necessary and you don’t have to dig a hole and start a big wood fire. It is  faster and more convenient to heat up charcoal briquettes than rocks in the sand! Besides if your not a bakemaster, getting all your food cooked evenly on an open fire takes a lot of practice.

You can bake a combination of lobsters, clams, ears of corn, and red potatoes.

First, soak some seaweed in a bucket of water. Next, wrap your fresh seafood in a cheese cloth with a layer of seaweed and a splash of water. Wrap this up tight in a packet of aluminum foil. Cook on the grill at medium heat for approximately 40 minutes with the cover closed. When your potatoes are soft, your lobster bake is done!

Some good choices for dessert include watermelon slices, strawberry shortcake or blueberry cobbler.


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California Lobster Rush:The Best Spots for Maine Lobster

These days, minor indulgences that don’t break the bank are important. It doesn’t get any better than a dinner of fresh lobster – but even with its amazing, expansive coastline, finding the best lobster in California can be tricky. The Golden State is chock full of outstanding restaurants and fish markets, but where can a seafood lover find the best lobster at the most reasonable price? We investigated, and what we learned is that not all lobster joints are created equal. Here’s a summary of what we learned.

Lobster California California Lobster Rush:The Best Spots for Maine Lobster

King’s Fish House has 11 locations scattered throughout the whole of California.  The common positive points of all of the restaurants are spacious booths and period décor with gorgeous dark wood.  The common negative point, however, is that it is so loud in these restaurants that you can’t hear your dining companions over the din.  Though you might think this is because of the awesome, budget-friendly prices at King’s Fish House, you’d be wrong.  The lobster is okay, but pricey: $40-$44 per plate minimum. You’d probably do better to cook at home and turn the television up loudly to get the same quality and atmosphere at a lower price.

The Lobster in Santa Monica (1802 Ocean Avenue) boasts an incredible view of the ocean from nearly every table. The lobster is only mediocre, which is somewhat to be expected in a place that looks like a tourist trap.  The prices and service are great – but only during happy hour.  If you plan to dine outside of that narrow time window, be prepared to pay tourist prices while getting only cold to lukewarm service.

A local institution in Santa  Monica is Ocean Ave Seafood (1401 Ocean Avenue) with its wall of windows overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Pier. You can order up to a 3 pound live Maine lobster from their tank. They serve a New England Lobster Roll for $26.95. In addition to their extensive oyster bar, they serve up Iced Shellfish Platters with oysters, clams, jumbo shrimp, black mussels and half a lobster. You can also order clam chowder with apple-wood smoked bacon and a bowl of fish chowder.

Another seafood restaurant in Santa Monica, CA is the BP Oysterette (1355 Ocean Ave). Besides a nice raw bar, BP makes a Lobster Mac and Cheese with Gruyere cheese and truffle oil for $18 and a Lobster Roll on a brioche roll with
homemade sweet potato chips for $22. You can also find Maine steamer clams and fried clams–whole belly Ipswich clams served with lemon aioli. There’s also an outside patio to enjoy oysters and beer by the beach.

Oceanside’s Rockin’ Baja Lobster Bar & Grill (258 Harbor Drive South) serves a Pacific or Baja lobster (not real Maine lobster) in many different forms, all with a Mexican cuisine flair. If you prefer this style of lobster, the prices are reasonable at about $18 per person for the “slipper lobster tails.”  The atmosphere is extremely casual – it’s not a bad deal if you don’t mind everything on the menu (except the margaritas) coming in a bucket, and everything being cooked with Mexican sauces and spices.

The Lobster Trap in Avalon (128 Catalina Avenue) has a helpful, friendly staff and serves generous portions of lobster.  The lobster roll, however, was filled with nearly tasteless lobster (except for lots and lots of salt), and was ice cold.  The rice was equally without flavor.  The roll isn’t toasted, which sometimes causes it to fall apart after being soaked with its lobster filling.  The prices are reasonable, however.  It’s an okay place in a pinch, but don’t rush to The Lobster Trap.

Redwood City is the site of Old Port Lobster Shack (851 Veterans Boulevard).  An informal lobster restaurant, patrons place their order and then find a seat.  Served with coleslaw on the side, their various lobster dishes a little pricier than usual. A coffee cup-sized portion of lobster bisque is $7.75, with both cold and hot lobster in it.  We were confused.

Yankee Pier (3593 Mt Diablo Blvd)  is another Bay area seafood restaurant located in the heart of historic Larkspur, CA. Here you can order a lobster roll on griddled bun with housemade kettle chips and coleslaw, served chilled or hot for $22.50. They also serve fried Ipswich clam platter. On the menu is a New England clam boil with clams, shrimp, mussels, linguisa & red potatoes  for $21.00.

Sams Chowder House (4210 Cabrillo Highway North) is a New England style seafood restaurant overlooking Half Moon Bay. Sam’s West Coast version of the Lobster roll is its much publicized signature dish. Unlike the real East Coast version, Sam’s does not use mayonnaise in the mix, just lots of butter on a warm brioche roll. It sells for $21.95 with potato chips and a dollop of coleslaw. Not so sure about the brioche roll with all the butter, but it is well packed with good chunks of fresh lobster meat. The chowder was not bad, but a little thin compared to a good Boston chowder. For those who can’t manage a trip to Half  Moon Bay, Sam’s has its own San Francisco Bay area food truck called the Chowdermobile.

The food trucks have become a popular scene in the Los Angeles, CA area. Now there is a food truck that sells lobster rolls aptly named The Lobsta Truck. The main attraction here is the lobster roll  made with fresh lobster meat on a toasted split top roll with mayo or butter for $12. The bread and lobster meat are flown in from New England. Also on the menu is a crab roll and New England clam chowder.

Did you know who holds the largest Lobster Festival in the United States? If you guessed the Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, ME—you guessed wrong. The  Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival claims to have the largest lobster festival in the world. For the 201o festival, held in September, over 32,000 Maine lobsters were flown in fresh, cooked and served.

Live Maine Lobster Shipping California Lobster Rush:The Best Spots for Maine Lobster

The best deal we found was, which offers live Maine lobster delivered fresh to your door – or anywhere in the USA –  the next morning!  Located in New England (arguably, where all good lobster comes from), gets their seafood directly from the Atlantic Ocean via trusted suppliers and ships it so it arrives at its peak freshness.  In addition to whole lobster, this company offers lobster tails (in four different sizes), lobster meat and lobster rolls.  Other shellfish, shrimp, chowder and starters are available for the full seafood experience.  The prices are reasonable, and the result is a high-quality lobster dinner delivered to your door, fresh, the next day.  Try it!

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