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Online Lobster. Are You Getting Your Clams Worth?

As you can see there are plenty online lobster companies. How do you know which online lobster company to choose? Your first step is to make sure the lobster company only ships hard-shell lobsters.

manlogoshadow 790x1024 Online Lobster. Are You Getting Your Clams Worth?The shell of a lobster, called the “exoskeleton”, provides the lobster’s shape as well as an excellent armor protection from enemies. As the lobster grows, it must periodically shed its old hard shell and grow a new one. The process in known as molting. It takes about 2o molts over 5-7 years for a lobster to become an adult.

Before shedding its old shell, a new soft shell is formed under the old shell. To get out of its old shell, the body shell splits and the skin between the tail and body shell opens. Next the lobster rolls over on its side and bends itself almost in half to pull itself out of its old shell.

The new shell lobster then pumps itself with fluid to enlarge the very soft shell. The new shell is paper thin and the lobster is very vulnerable to predators at this time. There is less meat in a new shell lobster. In time, more muscle (meat) grows until it’s time to molt again. After molting and before the lobster’s shell becomes “hard” again is when the terms “soft shell”, and “new shell” are used to describe the Maine lobster.

When you order lobster online, how will hard-shell lobster vs. soft-shell affect you, the customer?

1. Hard-shell lobsters have approximately 20% more meat in proportion to total body weight.

2. Hard-shell lobster meat is firmer, while soft-shell meat is softer and tends to have more water.

3. Soft-shell lobsters are stronger and can live 30-40 hours out of the water.

4. Soft shell lobsters are weaker and live less then 24 hours out of the water.

5. Hard shell Maine lobsters can be shipped overnight and arrive in excellent condition.

6. Soft shell lobsters suffer a high mortality when shipped even under ideal conditions.

And finally, Maine hard-shell lobsters are considered premium lobsters and are famous worldwide for their outstanding taste and high quality meat. When choosing lobsters online for that special occasion, make sure you are getting what you paid for!

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Lobster Delivery – Live Lobsters Parachute from a Plane!

Watch a lobster delivery go haywire when live lobsters parachute out of a plane in our first You Tube animated video!

Live lobster Delivery Since 1999. Fresh from the shore to your door. LobsterAnywhere.com delivers premium quality live lobster and gourmet seafood anywhere in the USA. We go to great lengths to ensure that your order arrives in prime condition. All packages are shipped overnight via FedEX in a specialty constructed, refrigerated containers that keep your your live lobster cold and at the peak of freshness.

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