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Lobster Thief Caught Red Handed

Nathan Hardy 20110906203603 640 480 Lobster Thief Caught Red HandedA 35-year-old Biloxi, Mississippi man was pinched by police at the local Winn Dixie grocery store. The crime: fishing for lobster without paying for them. Luckily the thief was not pinched by the lobsters, since he stuffed two live lobsters into the front pockets of his cargo shorts! Also on the thief’s seafood menu were two bags of jumbo shrimp, packed in his front pockets. Apparently the thief was thinking surf and turf as police found a pork loin in his waistband.

Trying to escape, the man threw his pork loin at an employee and fell down in the store as officers arrived. Police Chief Wayne Payne, stated: “In all my years in law enforcement, I’ve seen people shoplift steaks and all kinds of items, but never live lobster. It’s a good thing the rubber bands didn’t break.” The proof was in his pants.The thief was arrested and charged with shoplifting.

live lobster shipping Lobster Thief Caught Red HandedIf your looking for a real steal on live lobsters, lobster tails or even a special surf and turf gift, there no need to risk your manhood. Have a lobster dinner delivered direct to your doorstep courtesy of online seafood purveyor LobsterAnywhere.com.

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Shipping Live Lobsters. Done Right

Shipping live lobsters requires three key ingredients: 1. Quality Hard-Shell Live Lobsters; 2. Quality Packaging; and 3. Experienced Delivery Company. Done right, live lobsters should be delivered alive and in perfect condition no matter how far they travel.

1. Quality Live Lobsters
Live Lobsters vary greatly in quality and price. For lobsters to arrive live and kicking, the lobsters must be lively, healthy and hard-shell. When lobsters shed their old shells, there are new, softer shells underneath. A hard shell lobster is a lobster that has not recently molted, or shed its shell. Hard-shell lobsters are hardier and can withstand the rigors of overnight shipping. You are also guaranteed more lobster meat from claw to tail with a hard-shell live lobster. Fresh caught lobsters should also be “seasoned” in cold seawater holding tanks for a few days to adjust them to a cool shipping temperature.

2. Live Lobsters Packed Rightshipping box only Shipping Live Lobsters. Done Right
Whether your lobsters are shipped to Boston, Massachusetts, or Flagstaff, Arizona, live lobsters should be packed right to ensure they are kept cold and moist. Only extra thick, insulated coolers should be used with either seawater soaked newspaper or rock seaweed. Coolers should be a minimum of 1 1/2 inch thick and a thirsty pad should be placed on the bottom to hold in any liquid.These containers provide temperature protection for your lobster until they reach their destination. Live lobsters should also be surrounded with icy-cold gel packs. Lobster should not be shipped with frozen ice or dry ice as this can be lethal. Finally, live lobsters should be packed with extra care to avoid any shifting and to withstand rough handling that could potentially crack or crush the lobster’s shells. Coolers should be packed in corrugated boxes and then shipped overnight to ensure freshness.

3. Live Lobster Shipped Right
Only shipping companies who have a reliable track record in shipping perishable seafood should be used. Live lobsters should always be shipped overnight to ensure your the shortest lead times. Here at Lobsteranywhere.com we have shipped thousands of lobsters. They almost always arrive on time, alive and kicking.

Our experience tells us there are two reasons that potentially cause problems.
Reason # 1: Invalid or incomplete shipping address. Apartment numbers, Suite number, or other crucial information our shippers need is missing
or or incorrect.
Reason # 2: The recipients are not home or the business is closed. When you order lobsters as a gift you should alert the recipient that a perishable package is on the way and plan accordingly.

Since 1999 LobsterAnywhere.com has shipped live lobster coast-to-coast and to as far away places as North Pole, Alaska and Haleiwa, Hawaii. Our lobsters are always shipped overnight by FedEx. We have built our reputation on prompt, reliable service. When it comes to overnight shipping of fresh seafood, we’ve been doing it longer and better than just about anybody. All orders are packed with care to preserve freshness and assure that your lobster dinner arrives in perfect condition. Lobster Lovers from across the USA have enjoyed the world’s best lobster shipped direct. LobsterAnywhere guarantees it!

Test the waters and give them a try! Get $8 off your first order. Enter code (FLYLOB) at online checkout. You select the exact day of delivery and LobsterAnywhere.com does the rest. Click Here and get cracking now, or call anytime at 1.888.85.MAINE.

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Lobster Delivery – Live Lobsters Parachute from a Plane!

Watch a lobster delivery go haywire when live lobsters parachute out of a plane in our first You Tube animated video!

Live lobster Delivery Since 1999. Fresh from the shore to your door. LobsterAnywhere.com delivers premium quality live lobster and gourmet seafood anywhere in the USA. We go to great lengths to ensure that your order arrives in prime condition. All packages are shipped overnight via FedEX in a specialty constructed, refrigerated containers that keep your your live lobster cold and at the peak of freshness.

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