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Fresh Lobster Tails Shipped to Your Front Door

It was the New Yorkers and Bostonians that really gave the Maine lobster its place on the culinary map, after they developed a taste of its delicious sweet and succulent meat. Lobsters nowadays are somewhat synonymous with exclusive restaurants and expensive buffets. We imagine them nestled amongst leafy green salads, drizzled with butter sauces, displayed on pure white porcelain and handled with gold cutlery. Lobster throughout history has been prized as a delicacy, especially throughout Western Europe, as their history stretches from Roman banquet halls to feasts thrown by Tudor monarchs. But lobster is too delicious to leave solely to these precious reserves.

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Fresher the Better
The main thing to know about lobsters is – the fresher the better! Ideally you should pluck them straight from the ocean and have them on the table within the hour. Lobster lovers rejoice! If you crave juicy, sweet Maine lobster, but don’t want to go through handling live crustaceans, buy lobster tails from LobsterAnwhere. The frozen lobster tails are 100% natural – no additives – just pure lobster meat, which can be stored as fresh as the day it was caught – up to six months. But what lobster tails are the best?

Types of Lobster
For the most part there are two main types of lobster, cold water and warm water. First up is the warm water lobster, which is commonly caught off the coast of Asia, the Caribbean, Florida, California and the Mediterranean. Warm water lobsters have a fishier taste, often with a softer mushier texture, which means they are often difficult to handle. Cold water lobster is commonly caught off the coast of New Zealand, south Africa, Australia, and of course Maine. These lobsters are firmer sweeter and more succulent, with whiter meat. They are transported frozen to many warm water areas because you just can’t compete with the taste. Don’t compromise – always pick cold water Maine lobster. You’ll never be disappointed.

Order Lobster Tails
Frozen lobster tails can be bought in a variety of sizes, from the Jumbo, Extra-Jumbo all the up to our Colossal, which weighs in at about 16-20oz. There is no difference in quality, it all depends on what size party you intend to cook for, or how hungry for lobster you are.

Fresh-Shucked lobster tails are a lifesaver if you aren’t too keen on cracking your own lobster tails. These tasty morsels are ready shucked, and can be quickly prepared.

Barbecue Lobster tails are heaving with lobster meat – these come ready spilt and cleaned and make barbequing lobsters a synch. Never has lobster been easier to eat.

Baked Stuffed Lobster. You know just writing those words makes me hungry. Handmade these deluxe packages include a 5oz lobster tail filled with a lobster stuffing – that’s lobster meat, walnuts, parmesan cheese and drizzled with lemon butter.

Lobster never tasted so good. And to top all this off – these are available to order right now, with next day delivery. So prepare for that dinner party occasion with the best lobster possible – or even better – just having a lobster dinner can be an occasion in itself.

How to Cook Lobster Tails
After taking your frozen lobster tails out of the freezer it is best to defrost them before getting started. This is done by placing them in a bowl of cold water in the fridge over night. For a simple boil cook, place them in boiling water – ensuring that the whole tail is covered – and then wait until the meat is bright white and shells turn red or orange. Crack open the lobster by piercing the underside with a sharp knife or crack with lobster-crackers. Then, gently pull apart the lobster. Alternatively you could crack the lobster first and then bake or grill the meat with butter and spices.

That Perfect Lobster Accompaniments
I feel I am rather a minimalist when it comes to my lobster – but no lobster is complete without a drawn butter sauce for dipping. Served warm there is no hassle to this recipe, merely melt the butter in a warm pan and pour into a dipping bowl. Alternatively, stir in lemon juice and chopped parsley for a lemon-butter. Or gently fry chopped garlic in butter for a garlic-butter. You can choose to strain the garlic away for a lighter taste or keep them mixed in – either way is delicious.

You don’t have to travel to Bar Harbor, Maine to enjoy fresh lobster or to Cape Cod, Massachusetts  to host a clambake. LobsterAnywhere brings the lobster party to you. Since 1999 it has been shipping live Maine lobsters, New England clam chowder, succulent lobster tails, across the country, along with easy cooking instructions that can transform anyone into an instant five-star chef.

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Lobster Pie Made in Maine

All across the United States, in every small town and major city, there is a restaurant that serves seafood of varying degrees of quality. What set’s one restaurant apart from another is the quality of the food they serve, and when you have one that opts to serve Maine Lobster, then it’s usually at the top of the restaurant food chain.

Lobster Pie Lobster Pie Made in Maine

Maine lobster has a very distinct flavor that is simply hard to beat, and is world renowned for its large claws which are just bursting with delicious white meat. While soft shell lobsters tend to not travel well, the hard shelled Maine lobster can be shipped across the country with good success.That means that people from all over the USA can get to savor the delicious seafood treat at their local eatery, but why depend on them to get your fix?

While most people are happy to pay exorbitant prices for Maine lobster at their favorite restaurant, which isn’t really surprising given the quality of the meat, they are actually missing out on a way to pay a lot less and still enjoy the best tasting lobster in the world. Thanks to the internet, there are now numerous companies that take those big beauties straight from the traps and ship them to your front door, all at a fraction of the cost of what you’d expect to see on a restaurant menu.

Perhaps the best of those websites is run by a company called LobsterAnywhere.com, who, for more than a decade, has supplied some of the biggest, juiciest Maine lobsters to satisfied customers all over the country. That means that you can get your hands on a fantastic meal anytime you feel the urge for great seafood, but what do you do if you want to make the experience last for more than one night? LobsterAnywhere has you covered there too, by providing the lobster meat that you love, served in a fantastic lobster pie.

The Lobster Pies are made in Maine and contain huge chunks of that sweet tasting Maine lobster, creamy butter, a unique lobster sherry cream sauce, all of which is topped with Ritz cracker crumbs to make one delicious tasting pie. Each pie is a whopping 12oz, with almost half of that weight made up of lobster meat, and are perfect for a single serving. They are shipped fresh-frozen, and all that is required is a quick defrost and a pop in the oven, which will give off a cooking scent that will leave you drooling.

Only the finest chunks of Maine lobster meat are used in the pies, so that means that quantities may be very limited. Your best bet is to load up on as many as you can, so that you never have to worry about being disappointed come ordering time. Lobster pies are a great way to get your taste of Maine lobster without ever having to leave your home, or pay through the nose at your local restaurant, so get your claws on some now. Take a peak at these Maine made lobster pies here.

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Top Ten Lobster Myths Exposed

There are a number of myths and tall tales concerning Maine lobster. Are you a lobster expert? Test your crustacean knowledge. You may be surprised what you find out about Maine’s own food group.

MYTH #1: Summer Lobster is the best

FACT: Summertime is lobster time in New England. The majority of lobsters caught in the summer are soft-shell. For the tourist a soft-shell lobster will usually be a good buy and a snap to open. This is due to the fact that a soft-shell lobster has less meat because it has not filled out its shell yet.  Squeeze the sides of the lobster’s body; the soft shell will yield to pressure, while the hard shell will be firm, and tightly packed with meat. Some locals  believe the meat of the soft-shell lobster is sweeter, but compared to a hard-shell lobster of the same size, the meat is wimpy and watery!

MYTH #2: The big lobsters have tough meat.

FACT: The size of the lobster–small or large–does not determine the quality. The larger the lobster or the older the lobster does not necessarily mean tougher meat.  Tough or rubbery meat is usually the result of a lobster cooked too long.

Maine Lobster Delivery1 Top Ten Lobster Myths ExposedMYTH # 3: Female Lobsters are the best.

FACT: Actually sex doesn’t really matter, unless you’re a fan of roe. The red “stuff” is the lobster roe or coral. It is the female lobster’s unfertilized eggs. Females have a slightly wider tail, than the mail lobster. And adult males have bigger claws. The amount of meat of a male lobster versus female lobster is negligible. In short, there is no taste difference.

MYTH #4: Lobster scream when you cook them.

FACT: Lobsters have no vocal chords. The sound you may hear is actually steam escaping from the shell as the lobster cooks.  Lobsters have a ganglionic nervous system (as opposed to our central nervous system) and do not feel pain like we do.  To kill a lobster humanely, we believe boiling or steaming is the quickest method.

MYTH #5: Lobsters are Red.

FACT: “Red as a lobster” is just a tale. Lobsters come in just about every color but red. They can be blue, light yellow, greenish-brown, gray, dusty orange, some calico, and some with spots. However, they all turn red when they hit hot water. The hot water cuts the link between astaxanthin, a red substance contained in the lobster’s shell, and protein, which in cold water brings out the predominant coloring.

Myth #6:  There is only one kind of lobster found in the USA.

FACT: Actually there are two kinds of lobster crustaceans found in U.S: the Maine or American lobster and the spiny or rock lobster. The true lobster has claws on the first four legs, lacking in the spiny lobster; the spiny lobster has a pair of horns above the eyes, lacking in the Maine lobster. The spiny lobster is found in warm waters off Florida and southern California, while the American lobster lives in the Atlantic Ocean from Newfoundland south to New Jersey. Nine states on the East Coast haul in the American lobster. Eighty percent of the total came from Maine in 2004, according to the U.S Commerce Department.

MYTH #7: Maine catches the most lobsters in North America.

FACT: False,  Canada accounts for more than 60% of lobsters landings in North American. In fact, Canada catches twice the lobsters of Maine. Maine lands approximately 60% of the U.S. catch, followed by Massachusetts at 18%. Surprisingly, as much as 70% of lobsters landed in Maine are shipped back up to Canadian processors and are then shipped back to the U.S. as Canadian product.

MYTH #8 : Only buy lobsters in months with an “r” in them.

FACT: Folklore says that lobster and other shellfish should be eaten only in months with “r’s” in them — September, October, etc. Actually lobster can be eaten 12 months a year. The notion that live lobster should not be eaten in “r”-less months, that is, months that occur during warm weather — may have started in the days when shellfish where shipped without adequate refrigeration and could spoil.

MYTH #9: Lobster is high in fat.

FACT: Maine lobster is a low fat, low cholesterol dish. Maine Lobster has less calories (98), cholesterol (72mg) and saturated fats (0.1g) than turkey and chicken. (Of course, that doesn’t include your butter). Lobster meat contains omega-3 fatty acids, thought to reduce hardening of the arteries and reduce the risk of heart disease.

MYTH #10: Lobsters are scavengers.

FACT: Contrary to what most people think, lobsters aren’t simply scavengers. Lobsters usually move around and hunt for food at night. Researchers have discovered that lobsters hunt down live prey as well (except for bait), which includes fish, snails, crabs, clams, mussels, sea urchins, and sometimes other lobsters! That’s why lobstermen immobilize the  claws with bands. Inshore lobsters tend to stay in one place, seldom moving more than a mile or so, but deep water lobsters farther out on the Continental Shelf follow a seasonal migratory pattern shoreward in summer, returning to the Shelf again in the autumn.

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A Lobster By Any Other Name

What Kind of Lobster Are You Cracking Into?

Lobsters: fat, red, little monsters of the sea. When we American diners think of lobsters, our mouths start to water as we dream of sweet, tender meat, salty drawn butter, and that satisfying first crack! of the shell as we attack our lobster dinner. But do you know what kind of lobster is on your plate? Which type of lobster gives you the most magnificent meal for your money?

Know Your Lobster

At restaurants, beware what the menu claims to be “lobster”.  A lobster by any other name may not be the most-desired Maine lobster. Lately, you may be coming across the term Langostino lobster. Langostino is Spanish for prawn, but refers to the meat of a squat lobster, which is not a Maine lobster, or even a prawn, but rather a form of crab.
In many cases, dishes like lobster burritos, lobster bites, and lobster tacos are actually made of meat that isn’t lobster at all.

The Maine lobster industry is steamed. Senator Olympia Snowe of Maine has said of Langostino lobster: “Permitting this inferior product to be improperly marketed as ‘lobster’ not only pollutes consumers\’ appetite for real lobster, but it also exposes consumers who suffer from certain allergies to potentially life-threatening allergic reactions.” But what it really boils down to is taste. And Maine lobster tastes the best.

If you seek the authentic taste of Maine lobster universally sought for their superb flavor ask your server what kind of lobster is served in their lobster dishes. It may not always be what you expect. The lobsters harvested off the coast of California and along the Southern coasts of the U.S. are called spiny or rock lobsters. They are not as big and meaty as Maine lobsters and are sold primarily as cooked frozen lobster tails.

Elsewhere in the world, you’ll find European Lobster, a delicacy to the French and Dutch for hundreds of years, as well as Australian Lobster, Caribbean Lobster, and even Japanese Lobster. However, Maine Lobster is so adored for its sweet, savory meat that it is shipped all over the globe.

Maine Lobsters

So where can one obtain the most prized lobsters in the world? Although they are called Maine lobsters, fishermen net this juicy catch all along the northeastern seaboard. Maine lobsters are caught here in the United States from the coast of Canada down as far as South Carolina. The cold, shallow North Atlantic waters off the coast of Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, Novia Scotia, and Prince Edward Island offer lobsters a rocky terrain perfect for breeding, scavenging, and hiding from predators. Still, the most popular place for this most coveted lobster is its namesake. Almost half of all lobsters consumed in the United States are caught directly off the coast of Maine.

Lobsters grow by molting a few times a year, shedding their old shell and growing into a new one. Hard-shell Maine lobsters, lobsters that have fully grown into their shell, are the sturdiest and meatiest lobsters. The meat of a hard-shell Maine lobster is tender, sweet, and can be grilled, broiled, sauted, or even fried. A dip in drawn butter enhances the sweetness and juiciness of the already succulent meat.

Famous Maine Lobster Dishes

Lobster meat is found mixed with mayonnaise in lobster rolls, skewered and grilled along with fresh vegetables, or just eaten right out of the shell with the aid of some crackers, and small fork, and a bib to keep your shirt clean. Famous lobster-based recipes include Lobster Newburg, a mixture of lobster, butter, cream, cognac, eggs, and sherry. Lobster Thermidor is a creamy, cheesy mixture of lobster meat and other rich ingredients.

Year-Round Maine Lobster Delivery

LobstersAnywhere.com ships live Maine lobster and meaty Maine lobster tails anywhere in the U.S. Sophisticated lobster delivery techniques and an extremely high quality selection of live Maine lobster and frozen lobster tails means you can enjoy the world’s most prized species of lobster anywhere in the U.S. You don’t have to live in Maine to enjoy Maine lobster, the finest, most delectable lobster you can buy.

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