The Perfect Lobster Roll

The lobster roll, like chili, is one of the most contentious foods out there; everyone’s got a favorite way to do it. The sandwich goes back to when lobster was plentiful and cheap as a means to use up less-than-perfect lobsters that wouldn’t fetch that high a price on the market. Your itinerary to Maine wold not be complete without a stop at a roadside stand for this New England favorite.

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Here’s what to do: Use a hot dog bun, the kind with flat, white sides, because it absorbs the most butter when toasted in a pan. For the lobster salad, think just mayo, or add celery and a shake of salt and pepper. We like Cain’s mayonnaise because it made right here in Massachusetts and does not contain any of those hydrogenated fats. Pack as much into the bun as you possibly can.

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